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Eos Engineering & Service Co., Ltd. and Blade Partners Co., Ltd. make the most important protection of customers' personal information, manage personal information based on the personal information protection policy, and strive to protect them. In addition, we are trying to thoroughly enforce its policy for all officers and all employees.

We will...

Definition of personal information
Personal information is data that can be identified as a specific individual by name, birth date, etc. of the customer's individual.
Purpose of using personal information
We will use personal information only on the items necessary for the following purposes and personal information within the scope of this use purpose.
  • · When you register for the mail distribution service of our site
  • · When it is indispensable in individual transactions between us and you
Provision of information to third parties
We will not provide information to third parties of personal information except as stipulated by laws and regulations. However, except in the following cases:
  • 1. If you agree to the customer in advance
  • 2. If it is based on request for provision of laws etc.
  • 3. In cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or wealth, and it is difficult
    to obtain the consent of the person herself/himself
  • 4. When delegating all or part of the handling of personal data within the range necessary for achieving the purposes
    of use
  • 5. If personal data is provided in accordance with the succession of business due to merger or other reasons
When we acquire personal information, we in principle provide information based on customer's intention.

<About the window concerning requests for disclosure of personal information>
In connection with the handling of our company's personal information, we will inform you about notice, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of usage purpose, stop / erase usage, suspension of offer to third parties, concerning personal data held by our company For inquiries, please contact the following counter.

About the Terms of service of this site

Thank you for using EOS and Blade Partners web site. Please acknowledge about each of the following matters and please use this site.

Copyright and trademark
Thank you for access our website of Eos Engineering & Service Co., Ltd. and Blade Partners Inc..
Please acknowledge about each of the following matters, please use this site.
Copyrights and other rights relating to information, logos, trademarks, images, sounds etc. posted on this website are owned by us or original authors and other rights holders.
Without obtaining prior consent, we will prohibit diversion or duplication of some or all of them without change or modification.
Prohibited matter
When using this website, the following acts are prohibited.
  • · Actions that impede the operation of this site, and acts that cause difficulties.
  • · Act that gives inconvenience, disadvantage, damage to other users, third parties, or our company,
    or acts that might be feared.
  • · Acts that infringes other users, third parties, our company's property, privacy etc., or acts that might be feared.
  • · Acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that fear that.
  • · Acts that violate laws, statutes or ordinances, or acts that fear that.
  • · Other acts that we deem inappropriate
Although we carefully paid attention to information on this website, we do not guarantee the accuracy or safety of the contents.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by using this website.
We may change information posted on our website without prior notice. Also, please note that we may suspend or cancel the operation of the website.
About link from this website
Regardnig to link to other site from this website, please check the privacy protection on the link site other site and the terms and policies on contents. We do not guarantee anything about the content of the linked site. Also, when using them, we are not responsible even if rubble or damage occurs.
Governing law
Usage of this site and interpretation and application of this agreement shall be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise specified.
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