GWO / IRATA training

GWO / IRATA training
GWO / IRATA training

We have carried out the training for safety, rope, blade, and wind generator in-house. In addition, we provide GWO training and plan to offer IRATA external training by our affiliated company Blade Partners. We also provide education and training for students in cooperation with local governments.
We received facility certification as a GWO (Global Wind Organization) safety training certification facility in July 2018, and we have been providing external basic safety training (BST/BSTR) since 2019.
BST training is a five-day course with four modules: First aid, manual handling, fire awareness and fire awareness, and working at height.
IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) technician certification will begin in FY2020 at Blade Partners.


Blade education


In-house education

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