Sales and maintenance of safety gear, work clothes, and various maintenance equipment

Sales and maintenance of safety gear, work clothes,
and various maintenance equipment
Sales and maintenance of safety gear, work clothes,
and various maintenance equipment

After concluding agency agreements with the relevant companies, we now sell and provide maintenance services for various safety gear, work clothes, and maintenance equipment. This includes the sale, rental, and maintenance of products from various top manufacturers in Europe, including the K-BP-2 L that's used for blade repair from Käufer Befahrtechnik, safety gear including SKYLOTEC harnesses and their MILAN rescue devices, work clothes including MASCOT workwear, personal protective equipment including Viking immersion suits and lifejackets, etc., Actsafe power ascenders, Kuhlmann heating blankets for blade repair, and EMG tool bags. The K-BP-2L is rentable as its use in Japan has been approved.


In partnership with Viking for the maintenance of offshore wind power plant, we supply immersion suits and life jackets. Viking is founded in Denmark in 1960, known as a manufacture for maritime and offshore safety equipment with global subsidiaries in 30 countries.

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We cooperate with SKYLOTEC which has established a leading position in the safety and lifesaving products and sell their products. There is generally in stock of product around personal protective equipment (PPE), whenever it is needed. Regarding other application products for industries of power, construction and so on, we will also continue selling actively.

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EMG bag is the product which conformed the European EN standard and provides excellent durability against daily maintenance and rope work in the wind turbine.

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We formed the alliance with Kaeufer, known as a leading manufacturer of gondola for blade repair, and imported the gondola article no. K-BP-2L (for 3MW, tower separation distance 12m) to use.
While we use it within our company, we are engaged in the rental and the operation training, so please feel free to contact us.

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We sell the lifting devices which are possible to lift people and goods by the electrical or engine-power propulsion, manufactured by ActSafe. Both are easy to carry due to the low weight of 13 kg not only user-friendly design but also the simple operation.

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We sell the products of Kuhlmann, such as drum heater, heating container, and heating bracket for 110V / 230V blade repair. The heating blanket is ideal product to overheat the blade, and cure of thermal insulation and composite materials.

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High-visibility safety wear and general work clothes made by MASCOT.
We offer highly visible work clothes and safety shoes designed for work on windmills.
Meets the requirements specified by ISO 20471, an international standard
for high visibility clothing even in hazardous working areas.

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Our employees also use MASCOT workwear

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